11 Fantastic Benefits Of Being Bald For Men That Will Blow Your Mind

11 Fantastic Benefits Of Being Bald For Men

Be it male or female, we are all terrified of going bald. However, everything has two sides. You may not know that there are many benefits of being bald.

First, we should understand what baldness is. Baldness is a concept when the hair on a person’s head falls out excessively, exposing the scalp. More specifically, the hair growth cycle in humans has three phases:

  • Anagen phase (growing phase, usually lasting 2 to 4 years, produces about 90% of hairs).
  • Catagen phase (transition phase, over the course of 2 to 3 weeks, the hair follicles narrow).
  • Telogen phase (resting phase, the hairs fall out after 3 months).

In the third stage, the old hair falls out, and new grows. If hair loss is much more severe compared to the amount of new hair growing, baldness will happen.

Tremendous hair loss leads to baldness
Tremendous hair loss leads to baldness

Reasons Behind Baldness

External Factors

There are many causes of baldness. The first is due to external factors. In 1897, a French dermatologist published his research on the cause of baldness that shocked the world: a microbe.

Excessive stress is also a cause of hair loss. This circumstance is called Telogen effluvium. Long-term stress makes hair follicles, the part that receives nutrients to grow hair, undeveloped. It results in hair loss and less hair growth, even some areas such as the top of the head may become bald.

In terms of nutrients, the lack of vitamin D will eventually lead to baldness. The deficiency of vitamin D leads to the decrease in keratinocyte formation – a skin cell that produces keratin for hair. This will hinder the hair follicles to regulate strong hair and cause shedding.

Internal Factors

Besides external factors, a person’s internal qualities also determine whether baldness occurs or not. Dihydrotestosterone, a hormone produced by the breakdown reaction of testosterone, is one reason your hair is thinning every day.

It is especially important in the formation of the male genitalia of the fetus in the womb. For an adult, this hormone causes hair follicles to shrink, making hairs become shorter and thinner, just like the baby’s.

Reading this far, you might think that the more testosterone we have, the more we are at risk of going bald. However, that hormone only makes the balding process in the early stages.

What decides baldness is the hair follicles’ sensitivity, inherited from mothers. In general, genetic factors greatly determine baldness.

Genes play an essential role in deciding your baldness in the future
Genes play an essential role in deciding your baldness in the future

For men, the older they get, the more likely they are to go bald. Over the age of 30, their hair will gradually thin. Plus, people with alopecia are not able to prevent hair loss.

In addition, the treatment of some diseases such as cancer, heart disease also affects your scalp because, in the process, you have to take different drugs that make your body change.

If not due to disease, pay attention to your hair care. It may be because you change the style and dye too much, leading to frizzy and broken hair.

The Benefits Of Being Bald

What are the benefits of being bald then? Below are some surprising facts for you to adore your bald head even more.

Save More Money And Time

Taking care of healthy hair is not easy. You will have to spend a lot of money on hair products, such as shampoo, conditioner, gel products, combs, brushes, etc including the cost of going out to get your hair done. In addition, they also have to fight the risk of hair loss, so it is necessary to spend money on anti-hair loss and hair growth products.

Bald people also need to spend money on hair care and hair follicle care products. However, compared with the amount of money for hair care above, they will definitely save some money.

Moreover, with a hairless head, you don’t need to worry about spending time adjusting your hair or styling it every time you go out. Even when you take a shower, you don’t have to wash them anymore. This is one of the most obvious benefits of being bald you can experience.

Men Will Look More Masculine

Compared to people with full heads, bald men seem to be stronger, taller, and more assertive.

Baldness has been considered a symbol of masculinity since the 16th century in some cultures and it continues to be accepted today.

This is understandable because it has long been recognized as a feature of some influential professions requiring strength and decisiveness, such as police, soldiers, firefighters, etc.

Can't deny that a bald head actually makes men more manly
Can’t deny that a bald head actually makes men more manly

Widen The Hat Option

Bald men don’t need to think about choosing the right hat because they look good in all caps. Many people worry that wearing a hat will ruin their hairstyle, but definitely, it won’t happen to them.

Also, when you go out, add some simple accessories like a pair of black sunglasses, and you’ll look like actors straight out of a Hollywood movie.

James McAvoy
James McAvoy
Jason Statham
Jason Statham

Being Bald Means No Fear Of Hair Loss Anymore

For men, hair loss is one of the biggest psychological fears of their lives. This anxiety is always present in them. Many people have spent a fortune to prevent baldness or cure it. They buy tons of medicines, even consult skin specialists.

Indeed when they see their hair fall out every day, they feel stressed and scared. For those suffering from hair loss and who have accepted that fact, their lives will be much easier. They release that daily fear and no longer feel tired.

Cooler In The Summer

Summer is a disaster for almost all people. The heat will make people sweat, hot, and uncomfortable. For people with full hair, summer is even more terrible because their hair retains heat, making them feel much more unbearable. Sweating a lot makes hair greasy quickly

For bald men, those problems are not their concern. The high temperature just makes them sweat but they don’t have greasy and oily hair to worry about.  Summer will be much more pleasant.

Enjoy your summer without any annoyance
Enjoy your summer without any annoyance

Easy To Draw Attention

The people around you will focus more on your facial details with a shiny bald head because they are no longer distracted by your hairstyle. Your face is the only thing that gets noticed when you talk to someone. This is an advantage for you.

Your facial features will be much more dedicated, making you more attractive. In particular, growing a beard is an excellent choice to adorn your face.

Look More Muscular And Toned

The absence of hair will make your head appear smaller than those with a full head. Your upper body will look more prominent, giving you a manly figure.

You can attract many women just by this look
You can attract many women just by this look

Look Good In Every photo

Hairstyles will change over time, that’s for sure. You may once have looked at your old photos and realized how silly you look with that old hairstyle.

Instead, you will look fantastic in every picture with a bald head, from the past to now. The hair trend doesn’t do anything to you anymore because baldness is a trend lasting forever.

Look Younger Since There Is No Gray Hair

Gray hair is a sign of aging. Many people do not expect to see them on their heads.

For bald people this is not a big deal. They won’t come across any annoying gray hairs. This makes them look younger than those of the same age with gray ones.

You look younger without the appearance of gray hair
You look younger without the appearance of gray hair

Easy To Grow Facial Hair

Your body has different follicles existing on the scalp, face, hands, feet, etc. They are all nourished by the same testosterone.

This means when you go bald, that hormone shifts to the rest of the positions, including on your face. Now, growing a beard will no longer be difficult for you.

Moreover, a bearded face will make you more attractive and manly. This has also become a fashion trend in recent years. Many people even have to spend money to get a beard transplant. So why don’t you take advantage of being bald and grow a great beard?

Growing a beard is not an unattainable goal for you.
Growing a beard is not an unattainable goal for you.


Through the article above, you already have the answer for the benefits of being bald. It turns out that baldness is not as scary as we thought. So, if your hair is falling out, don’t worry and panic.

In addition to positive changes in appearance, baldness also has a good impact on human health. Use this weakness to your advantage, and maybe you will become even better with a bald head.

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