The Proper Barbershop: Best Barber Shops in Los Angeles

The Proper Barbershop

The Proper Barbershop is known as the place to revive the breath of the classic barber shop.

Vinnie Morey and Trent Magnano, co-founders of The Proper Barbershop, are both barbers with a genuine passion for driving, the arts, and great respect for their craft traditions.

Inside The Proper Barbershop

When it comes to men’s haircuts in Los Angeles, they think that there is a huge flaw that is that too many people here have not been or have never even seen a true traditional style of barber shop!

That thought prompted these two young men to set up an unprecedented barber shop – The Proper. A harmonious combination of art, modern style, street culture and ancient and traditional features of a classic barber shop.

These barbers not only give you the hairstyle you want but also the experience.

You will have a real barber, he really knows what he is doing. No matter you want to cut, trim, style, make it better they can satisfy. Hot towel shaving, beard trimming are also services you can expect from them.

And you can enjoy a good time in the lobby while you wait with beer, X-Box, and movies. A friendly, approachable atmosphere with funny guys who always tell jokes and a great service attitude will make you always want to come back here.


Los Angeles, CA
Book Now / Call: 323.272.3287
Orange, CA
Book Now / Call: 323.272.3287


Open 7 days a week
10am – 8pm
Tuesday – Saturday
10am – 6pm

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