The 12 Best Beard Dyes for Sensitive Skin (2021)

The Best Beard Dyes for Sensitive Skin

Graying of hair is a problem that has become rampant, especially among beardsmen.

Now even young lads face this problem, which is used to afflict only at the middle age. Graying of the beard takes away the entire charm of a man.

You can fix the problem with the best beard dye for sensitive skin.

Dyes like henna, indigo, walnut bark, and skin-friendly synthetics can tint gray hair to help give your beard a prominent look.

Let’s look at the most popular choices that are safe to use on sensitive skin.

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What Causes the Beard to Gray?

As you grow older, your hair follicles produce less melanin, causing your beard to change color to grey, white, or silver.

But there are cases of premature greying in younger males due to stress, hereditary, medical conditions, and even nutrition deficiency.

You can so easily get a gray beard in your thirties because of hereditary reasons. The most appropriate solution would be a beard dye or color.

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Top 12 Beard Dye for Sensitive Skin

Bigen EZ Color for Men M2 Real Black Kit

Restore your beard’s charming color with the Bigen EZ Color dye. This is a great hair color for your beard and hair and has incredible gray hair coverage.

The EZ color from Bigen will not irritate or stain your skin. It doesn’t drip but provides a good-looking natural color.

The hair color is fortified with potent botanicals, including aloe Vera and olive oil.

  • Aloe Vera helps calm itchy skin and relieve beard dandruff. It also repairs and strengthens damaged strands while promoting beard growth.
  • Olive oil, on the other hand, helps moisturize the hair follicles as it strengthens and softens individual strands.

The dye needs an easy comb-in application, which is great because you just have to swap the color with the brush and comb it into your facial hair.

You usually need about ten minutes for the dye to take effect, then rinse.

The EZ Color is low in peroxides and doesn’t contain ammonia.

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RefectoCil 3 Cream Hair Dye – Natural Brown

This is an excellent choice for giving your facial hair the natural brown look.

This is a very versatile and strong opaque brown dye that creates the most prominent natural brunette appearance.

Unlike conventional colors, RefectoCil will take effect in about five to ten minutes after application. It gives an even coloration and permanent coverage that will last a few weeks.

The rich coloration is light, as well as water-resistant. You just need to have the best tinting accessories for the best results.

It goes without saying that RefectoCil is one of the best choices for dyeing your beard and sideburns.

The dye, however, needs you to use an activator for the most effective results. One of the best activators we recommend for your hair is hydrogen peroxide.

It does not cause skin irritation, but you may feel some tingle on the skin underneath your beard.

RefectoCil 2 Blue Black Cream Hair Dye

If you want professional results without paying premium prices, try the RefectoCil 2 Blue Black Cream Hair Dye.

This is an oxidative demi-permanent formula that produces stable colorations that will last for weeks to come. If you wish to give your beard a new blue-black look, this is your go-to dye.

Tinted facial hair appears more voluminous and clearly longer as the dye highlights the full length of the beard that was initially faded by water and harmful UV rays.

The tint highlights lengthen and brighten short facial hair.

The dye adds shine and gloss to a dull beard and helps freshen already graying facial hair. After a single application, a tinted beard will appear more color intensive and better defined.

The produced tint is water and smudge-proof for long-lasting durability.

You can achieve the best results by applying this stunning blue-black color regularly. Each application will help intensify the tint and its durability.

Bigen Permanent Powder Hair Color

Do you have gray hair in your beard? Bigen Permanent Powder Hair Color can help.

Out of the box, you get a small bottle of the color powder, a pair of gloves, a tray, and an instruction manual. This is a proven hair color formula for over three decades that guarantees the best results possible.

Before using the formula, you need to activate it by mixing it with water. Make sure you use just enough water and not too much of it during the activation process.

Once it’s ready, you can use a beard brush to comb and massage the dye into your facial hair. You can let the product sink in for about five to ten minutes before you rinse it off.

With no ammonia needed, this deposit-only beard dye is gentle on the skin, rich in color, and offers optimal shine.

The simplicity of this fantastic coloring system means your beard will hardly suffer any damage. The end result is a beard that is natural-looking, smooth, and shiny.

Mi Nature Henna Powder Dye

Toying with different appearances isn’t limited to women. Men can also do it with Mi Nature Henna Powder Dye.

Buy with confidence because it’s free of chemicals, preservatives, PPD, peroxides, metallic salts, ammonia, or pesticides. It has high Lawson levels for guaranteed final results.

The main ingredient is 100 percent natural henna powder, which is great because henna is a natural hair conditioner and dye for your beard.

The benefits of henna on your facial hair are ample. It gives gray patches tint and shine, improves beard growth, prevents beardruff, and reduces hair fall.

The henna beard dye is extremely simple to use. Just pour it into a bowl and slowly add warm water. Then stir the contents of the bowl to form a thick mixture.

Give the mixture time for dye release to take place and apply it to your beard after about four hours.

The final result should be a tinted, shiny beard that’s fuller, thicker, and healthier.

Use the product regularly will help prevent breakage, hair loss, beardruff.

Godrej Nupur Mehndi Henna Hair Color

This natural hair color will not just help you achieve the perfect shade for your beard, but it will also improve the health of your facial hair.

This dye won’t just get rid of gray facial hair. But it also rejuvenates hair follicles, promotes hair growth, prevents beardruff, conditions and nourishes facial hair, and leaves your beard clean and shiny.

Dandruff reducing aloe Vera and circulation-boosting Indian Gooseberry will make you look fresh after the application.

If in a hurry, mix the henna powder with warm water to make a paste and activate the dye. Then apply on your beard using a quality beard brush for the best results.

You can also mix the formula with beetroot juice in the night and mix one egg white and one teaspoon of yogurt in the morning and apply it to get rid of gray hair.

This formula does contain harsh chemicals or cruelty that may otherwise cause skin irritation.

Just for Men Mustache and Beard Color for Gray Hair

Give your beard the best color and get rid of gray hair with this great product.

You can eliminate grays for a fuller and thicker look. Plus, this product will help strengthen, smooth, and soften your coarse facial hair.

Application is easy, but before you start, open the enclosed leaflet and go through the skin allergy test instructions. You will also need to do a skin allergy test forty-eight hours before using the product.

Out of the box, you get the instructions, a mixing tray, a pair of gloves, and a tube of the color base, a tube of color developer, and an application brush.

You are always advised to cover your facial hairlines with petroleum jelly to prevent skin staining.

One thing you want to remember is always to use the provided gloves when handling the hair color.

Godefroy Professional Hair Color Tint Kit

Are you ready to give that bushy and unruly beard a complete color boost?

The Godefroy Professional Hair Color Tint is your best bet. It comes with everything you need to revamp your facial hair. It’s known to cover bare spots handsomely and has a user-friendly process.

The product may appear small in size, but its end results are big.

The dye is highly concentrated for the maximum elimination of gray hair on your beard. The tinted beard is projected to last for up to six weeks after the application.

Pre-measured in different units, the dye provides you with the versatility to use a precise amount of color without wasting anything. Just use the required amount at one go.

Even though the product is considered safe to use on the skin, it’s always advisable to do a patch test to be sure. Some men tend to be more sensitive than others.

Bigen EZ M3 Hair Color for Men

Bigen EZ provides you with a new innovation in men’s hair and beard color.

This is one of the easiest hair dyes for men to use because it doesn’t need mixing or an activator of any kind. You only have to comb the formula into your hair or beard for the best results.

The formula is enriched with aloe Vera, which is good because this ingredient is anti-fungal and antibiotic.

As the dye helps remove grays, the aloe Vera in it will stimulate beard growth, making it longer, fuller, and thicker.

The dye is also fortified with olive oil. As we all know, this oil can penetrate and stimulate hair follicles. It also contains vitamin E for boosting beard growth, body, and shine.

The application of this product is extremely simple. Just squeeze the cream into the brush. Then comb the formula into your beard while you massage the facial hair with the brush.

Make sure that you comb the beard thoroughly.

Give the dye about ten minutes to do its magic. Rinse the beard well, wash with shampoo, and condition to give it body and shine.

Plants and Herbs Ayurveda Powder Hair Dye

Get rid of grays on your beard with the help of Plants and Herbs Ayurveda Powder Hair Dye.

This product is made of 100 percent pure herbal ingredients, which means it doesn’t contain harsh chemicals or any other form of cruelty. So, it is a very safe product to use on sensitive skin.

It is an ideal choice for dark bearded men who are looking to remove gray hair or give the existing beard color more prominence.

Generally, it gives the best results for African, Indian, or Asian facial hair.

You can mix this indigo dye with pure henna powder to give your thick beard a super dark brown to rich black tint, depending on your starting color.

The application process is the usual one.

Mix the powder with warm water, allow time for the dye to be activated, apply the paste to your beard using a comb or a brush, wait for five to ten minutes, then rinse.

But a patch test may not be necessary when using this product.

SoftSheen Carson Dark and Natural Permanent Hair Color

Get natural-looking hair coverage in less than ten minutes with this good product from SoftSheen Carson.

Out of the box, you get easy to follow directions, a pair of plastic gloves, the shampoo-in permanent hair color, conditioning shampoo, and conditioning developer.

This is a shampoo-in hair color, which means you can make the application when taking a shower.

The formula is fortified with honey and aloe Vera to provide the best moisturizing effect. It softens without causing any damage to your bear, and it seals in color, leaving your beard softer, more manageable, and healthy-looking.

The application process is very easy.

Squeeze the bottle containing the applicator and apply the color paste on your beard. Work gently through the beard as you would shampoo to distribute the formula evenly.

Wait for about five minutes and rinse your beard.

Home Remedies for Grey Beard

Along with beard dyes and colors, you might have success with these home remedies.


Henna is known to check greying if used regularly. But it will not turn hair that has already greyed to its original color.

Henna can give the best results when the greying isn’t too much, as the grey hair will be dyed brown and blended with the rest of the dark hair.


It gives a blue color to the greyed facial hair.

You can mix it with henna to make what is referred to as the Persian dye. The obtained color varies according to the ratios of the two ingredients.


Get rid of greying and help restore your beard’s charm with a skin-friendly beard dye.

For the best results, you will have to dye your beard regularly. This will not only restore the color of your beard, but it will also make it fuller, thicker, and shinier.

If you discovered beard or hair dyes that work wonders on your facial hair, tell us about them in the comments below.

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