The 18 Best Clippers for a Bald Head 2021 (Balding Clippers and More)

The Best Clippers for a Bald Head

Are you curious about the best clippers for bald head?

Perhaps you’re wondering if you can use the same trimmer on your head that you use on the rest of your body.

After all, there are lots of different clippers and trimmers on the market.

Is it better to use balding clippers or a razor to shave a bald head?

I hope the reviews here today will help you find the answers you need.

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How to maintain a bald head

Chances are you still have hair left. How should you trim it?

If you’ve never done it before, go to a barber and have them do the initial cut.

Then, it will be much easier to maintain a shaved head.

If you can’t get to a barber, clippers will allow you to remove the hair by yourself.

Many guys prefer to use clippers instead of a razor to shave their scalp. They are less likely to cut themselves that way.

Clippers won’t give as smooth of a finish, but they are quick and easy to use.

An electric razor is another good option to avoid nicks. Some models are waterproof and allow you to shave with cream or gel.

Remove the hair as often as you like as long as your skin can tolerate it. Then, soothe irritation with a moisturizer for bald heads.


Top Clippers for a Bald Head

Now, here are the best balding clippers and more.

Remington HC4250 Shortcut Pro Self-Haircut Kit

Remington’s self-haircut kit features rounded clippers that fit in the palm of your hand. It has a non-slip grip.

The ergonomic design allows you to reach the back of your head effortlessly. It also simplifies trimming your neckline and around your ears.

Plus, it has an extra-wide curved blade that covers ground more quickly than a traditional beard trimmer.

Since there are nine length combs, you can trim what’s left of your hair instead of only shaving your head. The combs and the trimmer fit in the included storage bag.

The stainless steel blades are precision-ground to avoid yanking and snagging. When you’re done, you can rinse them under the faucet.

One charge is more than enough to cut your hair because the lithium-ion battery lasts up to 40 minutes. The only downside is that it takes four hours to refill the battery.


The MANGROOMER self-haircut clippers are also shaped to fit in the palm of your hand.

Like the Remington kit above, the design simplifies cutting hair on any part of your head.

It has hypoallergenic, self-sharpening steel blades that you can rinse with water.

Also, the clippers are powered by a lithium max battery.

The package includes a two-year warranty, nine guide combs, blade oil, a cleaning brush, a manual, and a storage bag.

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Wahl Professional 5-Star Balding Clipper #8110

This Wahl kit contains professional-grade corded clippers.

The clipper has a high-speed electromagnetic motor that provides a very close cut. It’s ideal for fades.

It weighs 1 pound and has an eight-foot cord.

The package includes two attachment combs, a blade guard, oil, and a cleaning brush plus instructions.

Users say that the clipper cuts nearly as close as a razor without snagging hair or cutting the skin. The guide combs simplify doing fades.

They advise caution if you’re not familiar with this sort of tool. Read the instructions to learn how to use it at the proper angle.

Wahl Professional 5-Star Series Finale Finishing Tool #8164

The Wahl Finishing Tool is a foil shaver made for professional use. It gives an ultra-close shave anywhere on your face, neck, or head.

After you’ve used clippers to remove most of your hair, even out your scalp with this electric shaver.

It has a hypoallergenic gold foil to protect sensitive skin from razor bumps and irritation. When you go against the grain, your skin feels just as smooth as if you used a razor.

Moreover, it runs on a lithium battery for up to 90 minutes per charge.

Ritter H.B.C Zero-Cut Professional Balding Clippers

The Ritter balding clippers have a high-carbon steel zero blade for a super close shave. It will give you the kind of trim that other hair clippers can’t manage.

It’s a corded or cordless tool with a Ni-Mh rechargeable battery. One charge lasts up to 65 minutes. But you’ll never be caught off guard as you can plug it in and run it off electricity, too.

The trimmer is compact at only 4 inches long. Furthermore, it weighs only three and a half ounces. It’s not the most potent clipper you can buy, but it’s potent for its size.

The zero overlap blade is 1.57-inches across – wider than the width of the handle. To trim hair and sit of shaving it, pop on one of the four included combs.

Also, take note that you can safely use this trimmer on other parts of your body like your beard or armpits.

Wahl Ultra Close Cut Pro Clipper #79111-1301

This set from Wahl comes with a corded clipper, an assortment of guide combs, a storage case, and other accessories for maintaining the tool.

It has a zero overlap blade for very close trims. The combs are handy for cutting other hair links.

The powerful motor runs cool in the hand. It shouldn’t snag or pull out hair.

Customers say the clipper gives the perfect bald buzz cut.

Bevel Trimmer

Although marketed as a beard trimmer, the Bevel clipper has a zero gap option. You can adjust the sharpness with the dial.

It was designed to avoid irritation, ingrown hairs, and razor bumps. The blades actually repel oil and dirt.

The body has a soft-touch grip for more comfortable handling.

Furthermore, it runs for up to four hours on a lithium battery that retains a charge for up to six months.

The main con is that there are no guide combs for trimming longer hair or a beard.

Wahl T-Styler Pro Hair Clipper–Model 9686-300

Battery-powered clippers promise to maintain their cutting ability till the battery runs dry. Sometimes that’s true.

But corded clippers will always provide steady power. You never have to worry about recharging them.

This Wahl clipper has zero overlap blades that are only 0.2mm thick. They shave about as close as any trimmer can.

As a result, the trimmer doesn’t cause razor bumps.

With the 12 blade guards, you can choose from different hair lengths. They range from one eighth to 1 inch long.

Conair 2-in-1 Clipper and Trimmer/The Chopper Complete Grooming System

Conair’s Grooming System isn’t for pets – it’s for people.

The attractive orange and black clipper with ergonomic grip is straightforward to control no matter what you’re trimming.

It has a removable stainless steel clipping blade that can do fades and detailing as effortlessly as it trims hair.

Then, there’s a trimming blade for beards, too.

If you’re cutting coarse hair, press the turbo button for more power.

It provides two options to manage different hair lengths: a five-position taper control and a wide assortment of guide combs

Andis 73000 Envy Cordless Clipper

The Andis Envy clipper has a blade that adjusts with a lever on the side. You can zero-gap it if you like.

It comes with 11 attachment combs plus tools for maintaining the trimmer.

What’s more, this model is cordless. The lithium-ion battery operates up to two hours per charge.

Panasonic Hair and Beard Trimmer, ER-GB60-K

Panasonic’s combination trimmer has replaceable blades. It’s cordless and waterproof.

To adjust the cut, just turn the dial. You can attach one of the two combs as well.

The stainless steel blades are angled at 45°. That’s handy for trimming a beard, but maybe more challenging for maintaining a bald head.

Remington HC6525 Color Comb Vacuum Haircut Kit

Remington’s vacuum haircut kit is handy for the whole family. It sucks up the hair as it cuts to avoid making a mess at the sink.

The package comes with nine guide combs of varying lengths. Use them to cut, trim, or taper.

But what’s of more interest to a bald man are the titanium-coated plates. They provide a close cut, but don’t expect them to shave as close as zero-gapped blades.

The lithium battery works up to 60 minutes on a charge.

Skull Shaver Pitbull Gold PRO Electric Head Razor

The Skull Shaver is water-resistant, which allows you to shave your scalp dry or in the shower.

This isn’t a hair trimmer but rather an electric razor. It has four blades mounted on a palm-sized grip.

Use it to get a smooth finish on your head.

It comes with an additional special three-headed blade for your face and neck.

What’s interesting is that the shaver has an audible alert. If you press too hard, it will warn you.

Philips Norelco MG7750/49 Multigroom Series 7000

The Multigroom Series 7000 takes care of your entire body, not just your bald head.

It’s a trimmer for your beard, balls, and more.

Plus, the battery can keep up with all the work as it operates up to five hours per charge.

The trimmer is fully waterproof to let you work in the shower or at the sink.

And the self-sharpening blades maintain their cutting ability for years without the need for replacement.

The kit includes 14 trimming guards of multiple lengths. There’s also a foil shaver and a nose and ear trimmer.

Braun Hair Clipper BT7040

Braun promises that the blades will last for a lifetime on this hair clipper.

It has a precision dial plus two clip-on combs for a total of 39 length settings. The difference between settings is only 0.5mm, which is ideal for doing fades.

The washable trimmer works on your hair and beard alike. The set also includes a Gillette Fusion6 ProGlide razor and a mini foil shaver attachment.

While you trim, the auto-sensing motor maintains performance. Then when you’re done, you can rinse with water to clean the clipper.

Everything stores in the included zipper bag.

Andis 17150 Pro Foil Lithium Titanium Foil Shaver

Would you like to maintain your head as smooth as your face?

Then try this Andis shaver with dual titanium foils. Run it over your scalp to banish stubble.

You’ll never have to worry about nicks or cuts.

Furthermore, it’s cordless and weighs less than 5 ounces. The battery life is about 80 minutes.

Braun Series 3 3010S Electric Shaver

The Braun electric shaver has three shaving elements or foils. Each one is pressure-sensitive to keep your skin comfortable and safe from irritation.

What’s nice is that you won’t have to run this repeatedly over your scalp to get the job done. It has a unique micro comb to capture more stubble with each stroke.

This is a waterproof wet or dry shaver that you can use with foam or gel.

It runs on a NiMh battery that runs up to 45 minutes. If you recharge it for five minutes, it’s enough to shave your face.

The shaver comes with a cleaning brush and protective cap.

Philips Kids Hair Clipper HC1091/70

Don’t laugh. You might find that a  kids hair clipper suits you better than the adult version.

There are three reasons for this conclusion.

Number one is that this is a very quiet hair clipper. If you are sensitive to noise or tend to shave at ungodly hours, this is the solution. It’s rated for 55 dB.

Two, the ceramic cutter won’t scratch or nick the skin, and it doesn’t pull out hair. If you have hair left, you can choose from a variety of combs to trim different lengths.

On the downside, the blade is rather narrow as it sized for children’s heads.

Finally, the clipper is washable and comes with a hard-sided storage case.


Maintaining your bald head is more comfortable with the right tools.

You don’t have to use a straight razor and risk getting cut when you have clippers.

If you discovered a trimmer or shaver today that works well on your scalp, tell us about it in the comments below.

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