The 19 Best Hair Growth Products for African-Americans 2021 (Serum, Oil, Shampoo and more)

Best Hair Growth Products for African-Americans

Which are the best hair growth products for African-Americans?

Is it better to focus on oils for black hair growth?

What about hair growth supplements and shampoos?

Today, we’ll review all these possibilities and more.

But first, let’s talk about what causes thinning hair among African-Americans.

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What causes hair loss for black people?

African American hair is fragile (1).

It requires more tender loving care or it’s prone to damage.

For example, traction alopecia is a common problem in the black community (2).

It happens when weaves or braids are too tight. You might notice pain and little inflamed bumps around the hair follicle before your hair starts to fall out.

If you don’t resolve the problem quickly, your scalp may scar, then it becomes impossible for new hair to grow in that place.

But there are also problems like pattern hair loss. It’s genetic, and it affects both men and women.

Then, too much chemical processing, heat styling, and product build-up all injure the hair.

Curly and coily hair tends to be dry. It needs extra conditioning to stay strong, especially if you style it.

If you’re not sure why your hair is falling out, talk to your doctor, a dermatologist, or a licensed trichologist. Once you know the cause, you can choose the appropriate treatment.

In the meantime, there are simple things you can do now to stop hair thinning and promote growth. They range from sulfate-free shampoos to hair oils and over-the-counter hair loss treatment.

Top Hair Growth Products for African-Americans

Let’s look at the various options below.

Shea Moisture Strengthen, Grow & Restore Combo

Shea Moisture is a respected brand that creates products to care for textured hair.

This set includes Jamaican Black Castor Oil Shampoo, rinse out conditioner, leave-in conditioner, and a deep conditioning treatment masque.

The first step to grow back your hair is to stop hurting it. This includes switching to a gentle shampoo and a nourishing conditioner.

When used together, these products provide all the basics for healthy, strong hair. They are suitable for chemically-treated styles.

First, the shampoo cleanses the scalp without stripping the natural oil from it or your curls. It provides a pleasant tingle as you wash.

Then, the rinse-out conditioner prevents tangles without weighing down the hair.

Meanwhile, the leave-in conditioner defines each curl and adds shine. It helps protect against thermal damage, too.

Be sure to apply the treatment masque once a week to provide extra protection.

PURA D’OR Biotin Original Gold Label Anti-Thinning Shampoo & Conditioner

This popular shampoo and conditioner come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. They were proven to build thicker hair during an 8-week study.

If you have genetic male or female pattern hair loss, these products may help. They contain DHT-blocking herbs.

DHT is a derivative of the hormone testosterone. It shrinks hair follicles on the scalp so that they produce weaker, finer hair until they stop working altogether.

Therefore, it’s essential to prevent DHT from affecting the follicles. One way to do that is to use a DHT blocker like nettle extract on the scalp.

The shampoo and conditioner have nettle, pumpkin seed, and 15 other extracts that encourage hair growth. Plus, they are cruelty-free and vegan.

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Goddess Strength by Carol’s Daughter Fortifying Shampoo

Women with type 3c/4a hair love this shampoo and its accompanying conditioner. It’s packed with castor oil to smooth and strengthen each curl.

Moreover, the formula avoids harsh ingredients like drying sulfates and parabens.

The result is fifteen times stronger hair after only one wash with 94% less breakage. (Of course, this is only guaranteed if you combine the shampoo with the conditioner and scalp oil.)

Wash Day Delight by Carol’s Daughter, Aloe and Micellar Water Shampoo

This is one of the most delicious and enjoyable shampoos I’ve ever seen. It comes in a squeeze bottle with a targeted applicator.

It’s a thin liquid that refreshes the scalp. In seconds, it foams away impurities with micellar water.

Happily, it’s 98% natural and free from sulfates, dyes, and silicone.

It rinses clean and leaves the scalp and hair moisturized and soft.

Design Essentials Deep Moisture Milk Soufflé

Design Essentials creates products for ethnic hair and African-Americans.

Besides their excellent shampoos and conditioners for black hair, they also offer this leave-in conditioner.

It’s based on milk protein, shea butter, and sunflower oil, but doesn’t feel heavy or greasy.

While the protein fortifies the hair shaft, shea butter moisturizes.

But the secret weapon is Monoi oil.

Monoi is made with coconut oil and gardenias from Tahiti. It’s an ancient remedy for damaged hair.

Apply the Milk Soufflé to damp hair, then style. You can also use it to shape dry hair.

Cantu Grow Strong Strengthening Treatment

Cantu is another trusted brand among the Black community.

This deep conditioner restores moisture and shine. It provides thermal protection for blow-drying and straightening.

It’s good for daily styling as it’s quickly absorbed.

Plus, you can use it overnight under a plastic cap to prepare for or recover from chemical treatments.

Deep Conditioning Heat Cap by Tifara Beauty

This reusable shower cap features a gel interior. You can pop it in the microwave to warm it.

Then wear it over your hair treatment masque to help the conditioner penetrate.

Hairfinity Botanical Hair Oil

So far, we’ve covered hair care products that can prevent and repair damage to fragile hair. If your scalp and curls are healthy, it prevents hair loss.

Now, let’s move on to hair growth products.

First up, we have a natural hair growth oil that promises a 95% decrease in breakage. It’s a blend of vitamin E with apricot, moringa, jojoba, olive, coconut, sweet almond, and grapeseed oil plus collagen.

That’s right, it’s free of artificial ingredients like mineral oil, fragrances, phthalates, parabens, silicone, and petroleum.

The rich formula is suitable for all hair types as well as men or women. It’s also safe for color-treated or keratin-treated hair.

Use it to support braids and protective styles. To boost hair growth further, try the spot serum and hair vitamins.

Design Essentials Scalp & Skin Vitamin Drops

If you already have damaged hair follicles and inflammation, this soothing liquid will help heal your scalp.

It encourages hair growth and defends against damage from UV rays.

The mixture combines vitamins A, D3, and E plus essential oils. It addresses folliculitis and calms an itchy scalp. Even better, it doesn’t leave a residue or make the hair greasy.

Wild Growth Hair Oil

The Wild Growth Hair Oil is a versatile product. It’s a leave-in conditioner, a tool for styling, and a pre-poo to remove tangles before shampooing.

It promotes lush hair growth with all-natural ingredients and essential oils. It’s packed with nutrients from pumpkin seed, cocoa butter, coconut oil, pomegranate, chickpeas, and more.

The consistency is rather thick, which might be overwhelming for fine, thin hair.

CB SMOOTHE Wild Jamaican Black Castor Oil

You may have heard that Jamaican black castor oil encourages hair growth.

I’m sorry to say that there’s been no scientific study yet that proves that. But many people believe it to be true based on their own experience.

Castor oil is proven to be anti-inflammatory, however. It’s also an excellent conditioner for the hair and skin.

This hair growth oil features castor oil alongside soy, grapeseed, and carrot oils. All of these provide a variety of benefits. They seal in moisture, tame frizziness, and prevent split ends.

Next, there are peppermint and rosemary to stimulate the follicles. Meanwhile, vitamin E and niacin keep the scalp healthy.

Finally, there are no parabens, formaldehyde, mineral oil, or petrolatum in the bottle.

Hairfinity Infinite Edges Hair Serum

I found it funny that the manufacturer points out that this serum is 83% natural, including water. At least you won’t have to worry about parabens, phthalates, petroleum, etc.

What it offers are hair growth vitamins for your scalp. The serum blocks DHT to keep it from damaging the follicles, too. It may help boost a receding hairline.

Propidren by Hairgenics Serum

I’ll let you in on a secret. I’ve seen rave reviews about a lot of hair loss products, but I always double-check them on Fakespot.

This serum may have some overeager reviewers, but at the time of writing, they were generally on the level. It’s not a miracle in a bottle, but it may help stimulate hair growth.

It focuses on a two-prong attack. First, it blocks DHT with saw palmetto. Then, it provides biotin and antioxidants from natural extracts to regenerate the hair.

Don’t plan on a quick solution. They recommend taking it for at least three months to get results.

If you aren’t pleased, they offer a full refund.

Women’s Rogaine 5% Minoxidil Foam for Hair Treatments

If you prefer to go with a scientifically-proven product, then minoxidil is your best bet for stopping hair loss. You’re probably familiar with it under the brand name Rogaine.

It’s appropriate for pattern baldness, also known as hereditary hair loss.

It comes in two versions: one for men and one for women. It’s not a gimmick – you really need different formulations for males and females.

Although there are many generic Rogaine knockoffs, I chose the original for this review.

It’s a foam that’s straightforward to apply. It’s not prone to making a mess or dripping like a liquid.

The package includes a 4-month supply. That’s crucial because as soon as you stop using it, your hair is likely to begin thinning again.

Men’s Rogaine 5% Minoxidil Foam

Men’s Rogaine also comes in a topical foam. It was tested in a 12-week clinical trial where it was able to regrow up to 25% more hair.

Besides minoxidil, it has an emollient and botanical extracts plus an alpha hydroxy acid. It conditions the scalp and exfoliates the dead skin to keep follicles functioning properly.

African Formula Super Grow Hair Gel

If you have dreadlocks, you might find this Super Grow Hair Gel handy. It’s infused with natural hair growth solutions like horsetail and rosemary.

Altogether, the natural oils, minerals, herbs, and vitamins stimulate hair growth and strengthen each strand. They also help with twisting locs.

Hairfinity Hair Vitamins

Sometimes hair loss happens because of a dietary deficiency. If you’re not getting enough nutrients from your food, you might need a supplement like this one.

If you plan to start taking hair loss vitamins, I’d talk it over with your doctor first to make sure they don’t clash with any medication.

To give you an idea of what to expect, imagine a multivitamin with extra benefits.

This one features a variety of vitamins and minerals plus pea protein, horsetail, and MSM. It’s designed to make sure your hair follicles have all the nutrients they need to grow thick hair.

It has 2500mcg of biotin, a B vitamin linked to healthy hair and nails. In my opinion, that makes it a better choice than some supplements with 5000mcg because too much biotin can aggravate acne.

You’ll need to take two capsules a day.

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Keranique KeraViatin Hair & Scalp Health Supplement

What if I told you that 98% of the women who took the supplement enjoyed more hair growth?

It was tested in a 6-month double-blind study. That means neither the participants nor the people who provided the pills to them knew if they were taking a placebo or the vitamin. That method cuts down on the fakery.

The women also noticed thicker hair and more hair coverage on the scalp.

NAYCHUR Hair Growth Vitamins Biotin Gummies

Not everyone enjoys taking pills. Try taking tasty gummies instead.

These gummies come with a money-back guarantee.

They promise to give you healthier hair and nails within a couple of months.


Hair loss is a sensitive topic. While some are bold enough to go bald, most of us would rather keep our hair.

Fortunately, many hair growth products are suitable for African American curls and coils. They nourish relaxed hairstyles, too.

If you discovered a hair care product today that’s making your life better, please come back and tell us about it in the comments below.


1. accessed May 16, 2020

2. by Crystal Martin, published April 2, 2018, accessed May 16, 2020

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