The 24 Best Biotin Shampoos and Conditioners for Hair Growth 2021

The Best Biotin Shampoos and Conditioners for Hair Growth

If you’ve noticed that your hair is thinning, should you switch to a different shampoo?

After all, how much hair loss is normal? And does biotin shampoo help hair growth?

These are all important questions.

When we look in the mirror, we like to see glossy, thick tresses.

Hair loss is scary.

But the best biotin shampoos and conditioners for hair growth might be what you need.

They could help restore volume and shine to your mane.


What is biotin, and why does it matter for your hair?

Biotin is vitamin B7.

It’s available in many different kinds of food and supplements.

You need it for healthy hair, skin, and nails.

If you were to have a deficiency of biotin in your diet, you would have thinning hair, brittle nails, and a rash (1).

Fortunately, that condition is rare.

Supplementing with extra biotin might help your hair grow faster and thicker (2).

How can a biotin shampoo and conditioner help hair?

Hair growth shampoos with biotin offer a raft of benefits.

For example, many avoid harsh ingredients like sulfates and salt, which makes them kinder to color-treated hair.

They may also block DHT, a hormone that shrinks hair follicles and causes hair loss.

Plus, they provide plenty of moisture and nutrients to strengthen your existing hair.

Biotin can prevent split ends and breakage and fortify the follicles (3).


Can you wash every day with biotin shampoo and conditioner?

Before we go any further, I need to clear up a common misconception.

Most people can wash their hair every day without harming it.

The trick is to use a shampoo with gentle detergents and always remember the conditioner.

Shedding up to a hundred hairs per day is normal.

Moreover, clearing away dead skin, oil, and product residue is a good thing for your scalp.

Top Biotin Shampoo and Conditioner for Hair Growth

Therefore, let’s review the top shampoos and conditioners with biotin.

Biotin Vitamin Shampoo for Hair Loss Prevention by Biotin Secret

It’s from a brand you may not recognize, but it’s a popular product.

There are four reasons why you might want to try this shampoo.

First, it blocks DHT to keep it from damaging your hair follicles and causing baldness.

Second, it has an essential oil blend for hair growth. The oils include tea tree, mulberry root, argan, rosemary, and evening primrose. These are all known to strengthen hair and scalp.

Third, the formula is free of sulfates and parabens. That’s good news for people with sensitive scalps, curly hair, and chemical treatments.

And fourth, the company offers a money-back guarantee.

PURA D’OR Professional Grade Therapy System Biotin Shampoo & Conditioner

Here are shampoo and conditioner with a satisfaction guarantee. The manufacturer recommends trying them for eight weeks to get thicker hair.

They asked users to report their experience after washing with them daily for two months. They also tested them to see how effective they were at preventing breakage during brushing.

The results were positive – the majority enjoyed fuller, stronger hair.

The magic in the bottle includes DHT blockers like nettle, saw palmetto, and rosemary.

There are also exotic extracts like cedarwood, tea tree, and black cumin seed. Even the preservatives are plant-based.

R+Co Dallas Biotin Thickening Shampoo + Conditioner

If you heat-style your locks, this shampoo and conditioner offer thermal protection.

The formulas also filter UV radiation to prevent damage from the sun.

Users with thin hair love how these products increase volume and shine.

What’s more, they have saw palmetto extract to add body and prevent balding.

Furthermore, both are vegan and certified to be free of parabens and sulfates.

OGX (Thick & Full) Biotin & Collagen Shampoo + Conditioner

OGX promises that your hair will look thicker after you start using this shampoo and conditioner.

Although they are not designed to spur hair growth, they should improve its appearance.

Both are packed with biotin and wheat protein to fortify each strand. Neither one has harsh sulfates.

Yes, the conditioner has silicone in it, but that’s not always a bad thing. It smooths the cuticle and seals in moisture.

HASK BIOTIN BOOST Shampoo and Conditioner Set

Why would you want coffee in your shampoo?

Because it stimulates the scalp to produce more hair. It also prevents DHT from miniaturizing follicles.

Does that mean you should try a cappuccino as your next hair mask? Perhaps not. Grab this shampoo and conditioner instead.

They are free of parabens, sulfates, gluten, drying alcohols, phthalates, and artificial colors. They’ll turn fine, lifeless hair into something you’ll want to show off.

By the way, both smell like eucalyptus.

HASK Dry Shampoo Kit with Biotin

If you’d like to skip a day between washes, try this dry shampoo.

It’s enriched with biotin – but there’s a catch.

Think about this: when you wash with the biotin shampoo, you rinse. The ingredients only have a short time to interact with your scalp and hair.

But dry shampoo stays put until you wash. That gives the biotin and other ingredients lots of time to work.

Plus, this formula also has chia, coconut, and charcoal. It removes impurities, revitalizes, and adds body.

Finally, there are no sulfates, parabens, phthalates, artificial dyes, or aluminum. The main oil-absorbing ingredient is rice starch, which becomes invisible as you brush it through your hair.

Schwarzkopf Essence Ultime Biotin Volume & Vitality Conditioner

Those of you with fine, limp hair need to take a closer look at this shampoo and conditioner. It doesn’t matter if you’re a woman or man.

They will leave your tresses with more volume and shine than you’ve seen in a long time.

Andalou Naturals Lavender & Biotin Full Volume Shampoo

Lavender is surprisingly good for your scalp. In combination with biotin, the lavender refreshes your scalp and hair.

The shampoo creates more volume and makes each strand silky soft. And the rich formula starts with aloe, not just water.

Happily, this product is vegan, and 70% of the formula is certified organic.

Andalou Naturals Lavender & Biotin Full Volume Condition

Let this conditioner work for at least two minutes before you rinse with lukewarm water.

It finishes the job that the shampoo starts.

Instead of silicone, strengthen the hair with fruit stem cells and natural extracts.

Inasmuch as possible, the ingredients are sustainably harvested and Fair Trade.

TRESemmé Shampoo & Conditioner Repair & Protect 7 With Biotin

Here are the best drugstore biotin shampoo and conditioner.

They pledge to start repairing damaged hair with only one use.

If you frequently blow-dry or heat style your hair or dye it, these are the products you should be using.

Stressed-out hair seems to take longer to grow. But if you keep it protected, you’ll enjoy healthier locks.

Suave Professional Biotin Infusion Strengthening Shampoo & Conditioner

Suave found that their biotin shampoo and conditioner reduce breakage by 95% over other types of shampoo that don’t condition as well.

Users say that these products make their hair grow quickly and appear thicker.

Maple Holistics Biotin Shampoo for Hair Growth and Volume

There are two versions of biotin shampoo made by Maple Holistics.

This is the everyday version that strengthens the hair and makes it fuller.

It includes botanical ingredients that block DHT and heal the scalp. It’s also free of sulfates.

Natural Biotin Conditioner For Hair Loss by Maple Holistics

And here is the matching conditioner for the shampoo above.

Some of the key ingredients (besides biotin) include silk amino acids, collagen, argan oil, green tea, and shea butter.

There are no silicones or parabens.

You can also use this product with the extra-strength shampoo below.

Biotin Shampoo For Hair Loss – Extra Strength by Maple Holistics

If your hair is thinning for any reason, switch to this biotin shampoo with a money-back guarantee.

It works for both men and women and all hair types. It shouldn’t make color treatments fade, either.

It’s packed with DHT-blockers and avoids irritants like sulfates and parabens.

Instead, it has scalp-soothing ingredients like zinc, niacinamide, and allantoin.

Mill Creek Botanicals Biotin Shampoo and Conditioner

Do you love it when your scalp tingles?

Mill Creek Botanicals put peppermint in their biotin shampoo. It also has panthenol, aloe, and argan oil.

Together, they will revive thinning hair. Users say it takes a few washes, but they have noticed their hair is shinier and thicker.

Their only complaint is that the conditioner is very lightweight. If you have naturally dry or curly hair, consider using a hair mask once a week.

Apple Cider Vinegar & Biotin Shampoo & Conditioner by Vita A to Zee

Do you know why people rinse their hair with apple cider vinegar?

It dates back to a time when everyone washed their hair with soap. The soap is alkaline and would make the hair look dull. Therefore, an acidic rinse would bring the shine back.

But apple cider vinegar is still popular today as it nourishes the scalp and clears away residue.

Here are a clarifying shampoo and conditioner that will rejuvenate your mane. They restore the pH balance, cleanse impurities, and fight hair loss.

Each strand will become more elastic. And each follicle will have the nutrients it needs to produce healthy hair.

The products are from a family-owned business in the USA.

Biotin Shampoo for Hair Growth by Paisle

When you have hair loss, you want biotin, rosemary, and saw palmetto in your shampoo.

These ingredients defend the follicles and strengthen the scalp.

And since there are no sulfates, salt, formaldehyde releasers, phosphates, or parabens, you should experience less shedding, too.

Biotin Hair Growth Conditioner for Hair Loss by Paisle

Seal in moisture and prevent tangles with this volumizing conditioner.

It collaborates with the shampoo above to revitalize brittle and frizzy hair.

Renpure Biotin and Collagen Shampoo and Thickening Conditioner

Renpure’s formulas are plant-based. Even the collagen and keratin come from plant sources, not animals.

With plenty of amino acids, protein, and vitamins, they thicken and fortify your hair.

Besides, they are free of salt, sulfates, dyes, and parabens.

Shiny Leaf Biotin Shampoo and Conditioner for Hair Growth With DHT Blockers

Did you know that green tea can stop hair loss? It neutralizes DHT to keep it from damaging hair follicles.

Both this shampoo and conditioner have green tea, vitamin E, panthenol, and biotin to defend your scalp and hair.

Also, there are no sulfates to strip moisture or color or parabens to disrupt hormones.

JASON Restorative Biotin Shampoo and Conditioner

The JASON shampoo and conditioner is perfect for repairing damaged hair.

They heal split ends and prevent future breakage.

Plus, they soothe the scalp with ginseng and lavender.

Since they are free of sulfates, phthalates, and parabens, they are gentle on strands and scalp.

Luseta Biotin & Collagen Shampoo & Conditioner

Did you know that collagen is the most abundant protein in the body? You can take advantage of it to strengthen your hair with this shampoo and conditioner.

Both are free of sulfates and parabens. And both are pH-balanced to prevent dryness and irritation.

THE MANE CHOICE – Peach Black Tea Vitamin Fusion Shampoo

Limp, fine hair is a pain to manage. But this shampoo can work wonders.

It reduces shedding and rejuvenates the scalp. Besides biotin, it has hair growth ingredients like green tea and saw palmetto.

It also adds heat protection for all hair types.

Lipogaine Hair Stimulating Shampoo

Lipogaine has a secret formula that promotes hair growth. All they’ll say about it is that it has biotin, caffeine, castor oil, argan oil, and saw palmetto.

But they offer a satisfaction guarantee.

Moreover, the shampoo is color-safe and sulfate-free.


Shampoo and conditioner aren’t the only way to promote hair growth.

But products with biotin may give your hair the boost it needs.

They are gentle, moisturizing, and volumizing.

If you found a new shampoo and conditioner today that you love using, tell me about them in the comments below.

See also:


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3. accessed January 1, 2020

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