Do Bald People Use Shampoo?

Do Bald People Use Shampoo?

The obvious choice would be a body wash or soap for most people. But you can definitely use shampoo on your bald head

Shampoos that are recommended for bald heads are truly remarkable and incredibly kind to your scalp.

The best formulas are usually loaded with natural ingredients that are so powerful, like aloe Vera, which naturally supplies saponins to help form a gentle lather. 

Shampoos made of natural ingredients will leave your scalp clean and supple. They do a great job of moisturizing the scalp to help even out skin tone.

Do bald people use shampoo? Yes, and let’s find out more about what shampoos can do for bald heads.  

What is Shampoo? 

This may come as a surprise, but some people don’t know what shampoo is all about. Shampoos are available in liquid and solid bar forms.

The most popular ingredient in most commercial shampoos is a surfactant, which helps with grease and oil trapping.

Sulfate-based shampoos are not the best option for bald head people because they are likely to cause skin irritation and other related problems. So, the best ideal choice for bald head people is sulfate-free shampoos

What Are the Benefits of Using Shampoo on a Bald Head? 

There are several reasons for using a shampoo on your bald head, which include but are not limited to the following. 

Cleansing Properties

Soap and water alone may not be effective enough in removing dandruff, toxins, dirt, dead skin, and excess oil.

This is so since ordinary soap and water are not equipped to dissolve stubborn impurities. Shampoos are loaded with premium quality ingredients that are capable of dissolving oily substances and dirt. 

Relieving Scalp Conditions 

All-natural shampoos have powerful botanical ingredients that can help alleviate several scalp conditions that bald head people may experience.

Such shampoos have antibacterial, antimicrobial, and antifungal properties. Shampoos do an amazing job of alleviating dry scalp on bald head people. A dry scalp can easily cause itchiness and flakiness.

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Why All-Natural Shampoos Are Ideal for Bald People

One of the best things about all-natural shampoos is the fact that they are sulfate-free, cruelty-free, and vegan. Some of the ingredients that make all-natural shampoos worth a try are:

Aloe Vera 

This is an amazing botanical with incredible therapeutic properties that can benefit bald people. The first and most important benefit of aloe for the scalp is skincare.

If your bald head is dry, a shampoo with aloe vera will hydrate your scalp and make it glow and helps to cure flaky skin.

Regular use of a cleansing agent with aloe vera improves skin tone and texture. The lack of hair on the head keeps the scalp completely exposed to sunburns.

Aloe is well-known to soothe sunburns on your scalp. It helps reduce inflammation as well as cure sunburn. Aloe is easily absorbed and does a good job of promoting blood circulation. 

Tea Tree Oil

Shampoos that are rich in tea tree oil are highly beneficial for bald people. This ingredient can help balance your skin, soothe your scalp, prevent dryness and flakiness, and even skin tone on the bald head.

Apart from balancing the pH level of your bald head, tea tree oil will help fight off dandruff. 

Coconut Oil 

A shampoo that is enriched with coconut oil is very beneficial for bald people. Coconut oil is rich in fatty acids and vitamin E.

Fatty acids do a great job of moisturizing your scalp, which is great because they help prevent dryness, flakiness, and itching.

Vitamin E, on the other hand, helps protect your scalp from damaging UV light when you expose your bald head to the bright sunlight. 

Jojoba Oil 

A shampoo with jojoba oil is an amazing moisturizer. Jojoba oil is chock-full of minerals and vitamins that nourish the scalp, including zinc, copper, vitamin E, B vitamin, and vitamin C.

This oil will help protect your scalp from damaging UV rays. 

Argan Oil 

This is one of the most powerful moisturizers you will find in men’s shampoos. It is loaded with linoleic and oleic acid.

The oil has exceptional amounts of vitamin E that is known to alleviate and prevent fizziness, dryness, and flakiness.

The oil has good antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that are great for a bald head. You will not have to worry about free radical damage from the sun when you use a shampoo with argan oil as a key ingredient. 

Olive Oil

This is a great moisturizer for a bald head. It helps ensure that the shampoo doesn’t strip off all the moisture on your bald head. It helps improve blood circulation to the scalp and fight all bacteria-related infections. 

Rosemary Oil 

Another good ingredient that you should look for in all-natural shampoos is rosemary oil. This oil does a good job of removing dandruff from clogged skin pores on the scalp.

It is very effective at improving circulation to the scalp. Its anti-inflammatory properties improve UV protection to help prevent sunburns and hyperpigmentation. 

Shea Butter 

This is a superior moisturizer found in all-natural shampoos. The moisturizers in shea butter are the same as the ones released by the skin.

Since this ingredient mimics the effects of moisturizers that your skin produces naturally, it is considered a great moisturizer and a protectant.

It acts as an antioxidant that helps improve the microcirculation of the blood to the scalp. Shea butter also has good anti-inflammatory properties that help protect your bald head from UV damage, irritation, and redness.

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How to Wash a Bald Head with Shampoo

Wash Your Bald Head
Wash your bald head. (Source:

You need to do the following for a shampoo to be effective on your bald head. 

Step 1: Trim Your Head 

If you want a shampoo to have the best effect on your bald head. Then you will have to go completely bald.

Start by trimming the long hairs on the sides and back. This will make it easier for you to get a close shave. 

Step 2: Apply a Shaving Cream 

Shaving cream will help protect your scalp from irritation, razor burns, and redness. You will hardly experience any cuts or nicks. 

Step 3: Start Shaving Your Head 

Start shaving the top of the head where the hair shorter. Then go for the sides and back of your head.

Shave in the direction of hair growth for the best results. Use gentle, slow strokes, and don’t apply too much pressure.

Make sure you wash the blades after every few strokes for the best shaving results.

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Step 4: Rinse Your Head 

Once you are satisfied that you have shaved all the hair and you have a completely bald head. You can go ahead and rinse the cream off your head. 

Step 5: Rinse Your Bald Head with Lukewarm Water 

Use lukewarm water to rinse your head in preparation for the shampoo gently. With a bald head, you can wash your head in the shower or on the sink without worrying about dripping water all over the floor.

Lukewarm water will effectively open the skin pores on the scalp for superior cleaning. Don’t use hot water. It will cause itchiness and dryness. 

Step 6: Apply a Quarter-Sized Amount of an All-Natural Shampoo 

As we mentioned earlier, all-natural shampoo is loaded with botanicals that are very beneficial for your scalp.

Most botanicals in such a shampoo are exceptional moisturizers that will ensure your scalp is not stripped of oils and moisture.

Dandruff is another reason you need an all-natural cleansing agent for your scalp. Some powerful plant-based ingredients like aloe vera and tea tree oil are very effective at removing dandruff. 

Step 7: Use an Exfoliating Brush 

You can improve the effectiveness of your all-natural shampoo with the help of an exfoliating brush. All you have to do is massage the exfoliating bristles on your scalp using circular motions.

This will help remove stubborn dirt, dead skin cells, toxins, and excess oils that are clogging your pores. 

Step 8: Rinse the Shampoo 

By now, your bald scalp must be free of all the common impurities bald people are exposed to. We recommend you use lukewarm water for rinsing off the shampoo.

Since you’ve got no, you can rinse your head in the shower or on the sink. Alternatively, you can use a hot towel (but not too hot to burn your skin) to rinse off the shampoo.

You can always test the hotness of the towel by doing a patch test on the sides of your hands. 

Step 9: Moisturize Your Scalp 

Although all-natural shampoos are packed with moisturizing ingredients, it is advisable to moisturize your scalp after using a shampoo for a smooth and shiny look.

You can use commercial moisturizers formulated for men to get that scalp moisturized. 

Choose a scalp moisturizer that is sulfate-free and cruelty-free. The formula should be able to condition the scalp. It should be able to get rid of dryness and flakiness.

The formula you use should also be able to retain moisture, promote elasticity, and enhance shine. You can use the moisturizer daily for the best results.

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