How to Clean a Badger Brush?

How to Clean a Badger Brush?

What Is A Badger brush?

This is a unique shaving brush that is made of badger hair bristles.

The brush is soft on the face as well as the skin. A badger brush is designed to produce a rich shaving lather. This type of brush is very good at retaining heat and water compared to a synthetic brush.

Normally, people think that they have cleaned the badger brush after each use of it by washing it with water. However, excess oil, dirt, and soap residue remain on the shaving brush after many uses.

So, besides regular cleaning after each use, you also have to deep clean the badger brush for about 1-3 months per time.

This problem depends on the following factors:

  • The type of beard shaving foam used
  • The frequency of mulching
  • And the hardness of the water

However, in case you notice residue build up on the handle and bristles or bristles lose their toughness, you can deep clean the badger brush immediately without waiting for this time.

In addition, because the badger brush is made of natural hair, the smell of the new brush will be a bit unpleasant. Recommend deep clean it before use for the best experience.

How Often Should You Clean A Shaving Brush?

Always clean your badger shaving brush thoroughly after every shave. Also, do a deep cleaning of the brush once every 1-3 months, depending on how frequently you use it.

How to Clean a Badger Brush?

What You Need

Apple Cider Vinegar

This product is formulated from fermented apple juice. It has optimal amounts of acetic acid that helps reduce the alkalinity of frizzy, brittle, or dull badger hair.

It also has incredible antimicrobial properties that help kill any fungi and bacteria that may have accumulated in the bristles.

Apple cider vinegar is very good at removing soap buildup and any other shaving product from the hairs. We recommend the following products:

Clarifying Shampoo

This type of shampoo is uniquely formulated to remove buildup from hair, which makes it the ideal choice for cleaning a badger brush.

Some of the best products you should consider buying include:


A hair conditioner will smoothen as well as detangle the badger hairs, which is good because it prevents the bristles from breaking.

A conditioner also helps remove any remaining buildup and rehydrate the hair bristles. We recommend the following products:

Regular Cleaning: Step By Step Instructions 

Step 1: Rinse with Lukewarm Water

Always rinse your badger shaving brush in lukewarm water to get rid of any soap residue or shaving cream

Rinse the badger brush with Lukewarm Wate
Rinse the badger brush with Lukewarm Wate (Source:

Step 2: Dry and Store Your Brush

Squeeze the hairs to get rid of any excess water. Let the badger brush air-dry in a properly ventilated area.

Store the brush on a stand with the bristles facing downward. 

Dry and Store Your Brush
Dry and Store Your Brush (Source:

Deep Cleaning: Step By Step Instructions

Step 1: Soak in Lukewarm Water

Soak The Badger Brush in Lukewarm Water
Soak The Brush in Lukewarm Water (Source:

Soak your badger shaving brush in a bowl with lukewarm water. This helps soak the buildup in the hairs, making it easy for the cleansing product to break down any dirt particles.

Step 2: Clean with Shampoo and Soak in Vinegar

Clean the brush with a clarifying shampoo.

Then soak it in a solution of apple cider vinegar.

Alternatively, you can soak it in a solution of white vinegar diluted with warm water to help limit the smell.

Mix 20% white vinegar and 80% water or 100 ml of white vinegar to 500 ml of water. If you still see the residue in the bristles, repeat the above step. 

Clean with Shampoo and Soak in Vinegar
Clean with Shampoo and Soak in Vinegar (Source:

Step 3: Apply a Conditioner

Pour the ideal amount of conditioner on top of the badger hairs and work the product into the bristles.

This step not only hydrates the bristles but also removes any remaining buildup from the hairs. Then rinse off the conditioner with running water.

Your badger brush is going to feel smooth and lightweight just like the first time you bought it because it is now free of soap and dirt buildup.

Apply a Conditioner
Apply a Conditioner (Source:

Step 4: Dry the Brush

The last thing you need to do is let the brush dry.

Make sure you squeeze all the excess water out of the bristles and allow it to air-dry. Then store it on a stainless steel shaving brush stand holder.

The bristles should be facing down and not up.

Dry the Brush
Dry the Brush (Source:

How To Prolong The Life Of The Badger Brush? 

  • When using as well as cleaning the badger brush, you should do it gently, do not press or squeeze too hard, it will damage the structure of the bristles. The more you limit the twisting and pressing, the longer your badger brush will last. 
  • It is advisable to have a brush holder and let the badger brush dry naturally. Failure to dry completely will expose them to bacteria and mold attack, damage to the adhesive, and excessive heat will damage the bristles.
  • Only use lukewarm water for all activities. Avoid hot water.

How Often Do You Change Your Shaving Brush?

A badger brush usually sheds hair with every use. In time, the bristles may shorten.

The badger hairs may become weak or too sloppy, which may lead to poor performance. Not to mention that the bristles may become deformed or warp.

These signs of wear may be visible after about 10 years, which is the time you would need to change your shaving brush.

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You now know how to clean a badger brush. As you have seen, it is not a difficult process. You just need to have the correct ingredients for the best results.

The most inexpensive and easy to access product is apple cider vinegar. You probably have a bottle in your kitchen. But you could always buy apple cider vinegar that is specifically formulated for hair.

A conditioner is necessary for rehydrating and detangling the badger hairs.

The next time you see your badger brush performing poorly, you should know that it is time to give it a thorough cleaning using the aforementioned steps.

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