How to Make Shaving Cream Shoot Farther?

How to Make Shaving Cream Shoot Farther?

Shaving cream can is one of the best ways to use shaving cream.  

It is incredibly easy to use. You just have to remove the cap and press the nozzle several times, then the can delivers a precise amount of lather. The cream comes out very smoothly. 

The nozzle, however, is usually designed to shoot at a short distance.

This might cause inconvenience since you have to bring the nozzle closer to your hand to avoid spilling the cream on the floor. The problem could be solved once the nozzle could shoot the shaving cream farther.  

However, have you known that you can make a shaving cream spray farther? We’ve got a few tips that will help you learn how to make shaving cream shoot farther.

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What You Need

For this do-it-yourself project, you will need the following items:

Shaving Cream

There are several products you can buy for this project. We recommend you use thick and rich shaving creams because they produce a soft, foamy lather that will effectively shoot farther when you adjust the nozzle. 

Some great options include Barbasol Thick and Rich Shaving Cream and Gillette Foamy Shaving Cream.

Sewing Needle, Paper Clip, or Pin

You need one of these items for adjusting the size of the can nozzle. The smaller the nozzle size the better.  

Lighter and/or Candle

You need a source of fire for heating the needle, pin, or sewing needle and melting the nozzle.

Fire Extinguisher

A fire extinguisher is necessary for putting out accidental fires in case you unintentionally start a small fire.

Step By Step Instructions

These step-by-step instructions will help you adjust the spray opening (to a smaller size) to create higher pressure in the nozzle. The adjusted nozzle opening size should be able to shoot out farther.  

Step 1: Insert a Pin or Needle Into the Nozzle

Insert a Pin or Needle Into the Nozzle
Insert a Pin or a Needle into the Nozzle. (Source:

The entire nozzle modification depends mainly on the size of the pin or needle you choose to use. The smaller the pin or needle is, the higher pressure could be created. As a result, the further the cream could shoot out. 

We highly recommend creating the highest pressure, so insert the pin or needle into the nozzle and push it in as far as you can without using excessive force.

Step 2: Burn the Area Around the Nozzle

Burn the Area Around the Nozzle
Use the Lighter to Burn the Needle while Inserted Inside the Nozzle. (Source:

Get a lighter and burn the area around the nozzle. Avoid getting too close to the plastic because you can easily light the nozzle on fire. 

In case the plastic catches fire, you can blow it out with the fire extinguisher or your mouth. Make sure that the nozzle is heated all around by slowly rotating it in a circle several times. 

When the plastic around the nozzle is soft, form it around the needle or pin and ensure the needle or pin sits at a proper angle.

Step 3: Allow the Plastic to Cool Down

Allow the Plastic to Cool Down
Modified Nozzle Shoots Shaving Cream Farther. (Source:

Give the plastic and the pin or needle a time to cool down. Alternatively, you can dump the cap in water to speed up the cooling process. Make sure the burnt plastic hardens properly around the pin or needle. 

Lastly, twist the pin or needle and pull it out slowly. You should now have a smaller hole that can shoot shaving cream farther away.  

How to Unclog a Shaving Cream Can

After a few simple steps, now you have your shaving cream that can shoot out farther. However, have you known that it might clog and stop working? 

In that case, we’ve got a few tricks that can help you with this problem.

  • Step 1: Pop out the nozzle and use a very thin needle to unclog the blocked opening. 
  • Step 2: Immerse the plastic nozzle into a mineral spirit solution to remove coarsened material.
  • Step 3: Turn the shaving cream can upside down and press the valve to remove any residue.
  • Step 4: Re-attach the nozzle to the valve and install the safety cap to prevent unwanted release.
  • Step 5: Clean the nozzle opening with warm water after every use to prevent residue buildup.


It isn’t difficult to learn how to make shaving cream shoot farther. You just need to make a few modifications to the opening of the nozzle.

Always try to make the nozzle opening as small as possible for the best results. This means you need a thinner pin or needle.

We also urge you to be extremely careful when burning the plastic to avoid putting the whole thing on fire. 

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