Meet Kyler Lowe

Kyler Lowe

Hello, my name is Kyler Lowe!

If I’m a barber, why am I blogging about products?

One, I’m obsessed with hair care, hair loss, and men’s grooming in general. If anything new comes out, I want to try it. I’m always looking for the best barbershop products to help my clients.

And two, I want to share what I know with as many people as will listen. If I can make your day better by helping you find the best beard oil or hair cream, then I’ve done my job right.

I’m not just blowing smoke. I know this stuff, and I use it every day.

I’ve been a licensed barber for almost a decade.

Also, I have a certification from the International Association of Trichologists, and I’ve completed several continuing education courses over the years. I’ve also expanded my skills with independent study. I never stop learning because it empowers me to help others.

My story and qualifications

As a kid, I hung out in my uncle’s barbershop every day after school. I made a little cash sweeping the floor.

But it wasn’t until I was a teen that I started getting interested in cutting hair. My uncle was ex-military and an expert at fades and high and tight styles. He showed me the basics, which I practiced on myself and friends.

I saw haircutting as art and science, engineering and esthetics. By the time I finished high school, it was the only job I wanted.

A year later, I walked out of the Florida Barber Academy with a diploma.

Even though I was soon working in a salon and licensed, I wasn’t happy. What started as something exciting had become a grind. It was grunt work. Wash, clip, repeat.

I needed to specialize and open my own shop. I wanted to reach more people and make their lives better.

That’s why I took more classes like the Hair Practitioner Certificate Course from the International Association of Trichologists (IAT). That trained me to help clients with thinning hair treat their hair loss.

Then, in my free time, I studied with barbers who were experts at ethnic cuts. I got to practice box tops, hard parts with fades, and working with dreads and afros. It was also during this time that I boosted my beard styling skills.

You wouldn’t believe how much there is to know about grooming facial hair, or body grooming, too. I get asked almost every day about the best body trimmers to take care of those parts the barber doesn’t see.

Then, men ask about beard growth products and how to style their beards. Should they use scissors or an electric trimmer? What about combs and brushes? It turns out that there’s a place for all of these tools.

Even skincare is much more critical than most guys realize. For example, bald men need to take good care of their heads. The scalp needs lotion and sunscreen just like a face does. And the way you wash and moisturize a beard keeps acne away.

Between answering questions and being naturally curious, I’ve amassed a wealth of knowledge about men’s products. I can tell you which are the top grooming tool brands and help you understand the ingredients in hair growth shampoo.

Finally, at my uncle’s insistence, I took accounting and management courses. Then I was ready to open my own shop.

It took a while to get rolling, but now I have a successful business. I have other barbers on my team and enough time to write articles and reviews for a variety of sites, including my own.

What my site can do for you

I started to make it easier for men to find grooming tools to take care of their hair, beards, mustaches, and bodies.

There are a lot of personal care products out there, and it’s hard to know what suits a particular hair or skin type.

I aim to educate guys about what they need and how to use it to feel more confident and more attractive.

To that end, there are new reviews posted regularly about a variety of topics. I’ll cover everything you need from head to toe. That includes men’s shampoo, styling cream, beard wash, body wash, grooming tools, and more. (I might even throw in some advice for the ladies in case you want to choose a gift for a special someone.)

I also welcome feedback. I want to hear your opinions about your favorite men’s products. Feel free to share your experiences in the comments.

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What people talk about me

“Kyler’s skill as a barber is as impressive as his knowledge. As long as I live in town, I won’t be going anywhere else.”

–Damon W.

“Going bald runs in my family. Kyler recognized the signs and told me how to get a handle on my hair loss now before it gets out of hand. The hair on the crown of my head is getting thicker after just a few weeks.”


“My sons and I look forward to our haircuts because Kyler is quick and personable. He’s been able to pull off any style we request.”