Shavette Vs Safety Razor – What’s the Difference?

Shavette Vs Safety Razor – What’s the Difference?

Shavette vs safety razor, which one performs better when shaving?

If you’re just starting out in wet shaving and you think you don’t know the difference between a shavette and a safety razor, you’re not alone.

In terms of appearance, these two tools seem quite similar and perform the same function. However, when we go deeper into the analysis, we will clearly see the difference between them.

In this comparison, we want to determine what makes each design unique, what the differences are, and which of the two is the better option for shaving. We have also recommended three top models for each design.

Scroll down to find out the difference in the battle of Shavette Vs Safety Razor.

Overview of Shavette Razor & Safety Razor

What is a Shavette Razor?

shavette razor

A shavette razor is more of an old-school design that is made up of a shank and a handle.

The shank is connected to the handle at a pivoting point, allowing you to fold the shank towards the handle after use.

Shank contains a blade mount and a swing lock mechanism for securing the blade in place. You’ve also got a finger rest at the back of the shank to improve maneuverability.

This type of razor uses half a blade for precision cutting and shaving. It doesn’t need oiling, stropping, honing, or sharpening.


  • They provide a close and clean shave thanks to the new sharp blade
  • Disposable razor blades are inexpensive (and actually, you can use disposable razor blade many times).
  • It’s easy to maintain hygiene with replaceable blades
  • They have an incredible history, making them a great choice


  • They don’t protect the facial skin from the blade
  • Getting the ideal angle is difficult when shaving with a shavette
  • They tend to have a steep learning curve

What is a Safety Razor?

Safety Razo

This is a shaving tool with a unique design that protects the skin from the blade, greatly reducing the possibility of nicks, irritation, or razor burns.

A safety razor may have two or one cutting surface.

The most popular choice nowadays is the double edge safety razor. The basic double edge safety razor is a three-piece design, containing the cap, base plate or mount, and the handle.

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  • They protect the skin from the blade
  • Safety razors need less skill and practice to achieve a smooth, close shave
  • They have an ergonomic handle with a very strong grip
  • Getting a suitable shaving angle is easy


  • How close a razor can shave depends on the brand of the blade needs
  • They need rinsing more often
  • Traveling with a blade inside a safety razor may not be allowed in a plane

Shavette Vs Safety Razors: Main Differences

Shavette Vs Safety Razor

Which One is More Effective?

A shavette gives you a raw classic experience by shaving closer to the skin. The closeness of a safety razor, on the other hand, depends on the design of the razor blade.

With that said, we consider a shavette razor to be a more effective choice.


With a shavette razor, the blade is exposed about 25% higher, which means you are not protected from nicks and cuts.

A safety razor, on the other hand, has a unique design that keeps your skin protected from the razor blade.

So a safety razor will be better for a safe and secure shaving experience.

Easier to Shave

Shavettes have a more difficult learning curve. You need skill and practice to be able to use a shavette without cutting yourself.

Safety razors have a smooth learning curve and inexperienced hands can wheel the razor for the first time without necessarily hurting themselves.


A shavette is a more versatile option compared to a safety razor.

When you master how to use a shavette razor properly, there are several ways you can hold the razor, making it a great choice for beard shaping.

Time Required for Shaving

Holding and maneuvering a shavette in such a way that you don’t cut yourself takes caution and time, especially if you are new to this type of razor. But a safety razor is much easier to hold and maneuver and takes less time to shave.


Shavettes range in price from $9 to $30, while safety razors range in price from $14 to $100+. This clearly shows that shavette razors are cheaper. 

What is ideal for you?

A shavette is an ideal choice for men with a stylish beard that needs shaping every now and then like a Van Dyke, Balbo, and mutton chops.

A safety razor is ideal for people who like a low profile beard like a mustache with stubble or a goatee stubble.

Top Shavette & Safety Razor Product Reviews

Top 3 Shavette Razors 

Krisp Beauty Shavette Razor – Best Overall

Key Features 

  • Stainless steel 
  • Swing long mechanism 
  • Finger rest 
  • 0.5 mm blade exposure 
  • Universal screw 
  • Shank sleeve 

This product is made of 100 percent genuine stainless steel, which is good because it is highly rust-resistant and tarnish-free.

It comes equipped with a swing lock mechanism that is very effective for securing the blade in place.

The system uses a half razor with a 0.5 mm blade exposure for sharp and detailed lines. 

Facon Professional Shavette Razor

Key Features 

  • Japanese stainless steel
  • Black powder coating 
  • Swing lock blade insert 
  • Adjustable screws 
  • Weight distribution 

This product is forged from one hundred percent stainless steel, which means it is both tarnish and rust-resistant.

This shavette has an ergonomically made handle that allows for easy maneuverability. You’ve got adjustable screws for added flexibility and comfort.

Parker’s SRX Shavette Razor

Key Features 

  • Durable stainless steel 
  • Clip/lock blade holder 
  • Ergonomic finger rest 
  • Rounded exposure 
  • Accepts single edge blades 

The razor has a distinctive clip-to-close mechanism that keeps the shavette razor blade perfectly aligned and firmly secured.

Unlike conventional models, this particular shavette features a durable stainless steel handle and arm. You don’t need to hone or sharpen anything when you are using this model.

Top 3 Safety Razors 

Merkur MK34C Safety Razor – Best Overall

Key Features   

  • Polished chrome finish 
  • Double edge 
  • Two-piece design 
  • Knurled, smooth handle grip
  • Straight cut closed comb 
  • Fixed blade gap

It comes equipped with a short handle design, which is great because it has additional bulk for superior gripping and needs less pressure.

Unlike multi-bladed models, this double-edged design provides smooth and comfortable shaves with fewer nicks and less irritation.

Vikings Blade The Chieftain JR Safety Razor

Key Features

  • Rust-resistant material 
  • Brass finish 
  • Quick and easy blade changes 
  • Knurled, smooth handle 
  • Heavy head

It is a high-performing double-edged design. This model is slimmer and lighter compared to similar products.

It is made of high-quality material that is highly resistant to rust and corrosion. You’ve got an opening and closing mechanism at the back of the handle that opens and closes the cap for quick blade changes.

Rockwell Gunmetal Safety Razor

Key Features 

  • Premium-quality zinc alloys
  • Durable chrome finish 
  • Adjustable design 
  • Weighted and balanced handle
  • Six levels of shaving 

The razor is precision made from high-quality zinc alloys and then coated in a durable chrome finish. The patented adjustable design ensures that you don’t experience razor burns or skin irritation.

Not to mention that the handle is perfectly weighted for intuitive handling. With the Rockwell Gunmetal, you should expect the closest shave possible without razor burns or skin irritations. 

Final Thoughts 

A shavette and a safety razor are both great wet shaving tools on the market.

A shavette razor is cheaper, ranging in price from nine to thirty dollars for most models. A safety razor, on the other hand, is a more expensive choice, ranging in price from twenty to more than one hundred dollars.

A shavette requires a steady hand to avoid nicks, razor burns, or skin irritation, but a safety razor is purposely designed to protect your skin from nick, razor burns, or skin irritation. 

If you have a tight or limited budget, you should get a shavette. If, however, you have enough money, you should get a safety razor for the ultimate best shaving experience.

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