What Would I Look Like Bald?

What Would I Look Like Bald?

It is a question that has puzzled many, especially men who are born to families with bald genes.

No matter what opinion you have, whether someone looks hot or not of being bald, the one thing you are when you go bold is brave.

It takes a lot for anyone to go bald, especially for people who are not suffering from male or female pattern baldness.

If you go bald, you are likely to be perceived as more dominant, more confident, and more masculine. You are also perceived to be a little bit taller and stronger.

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Explore Your Bald Look with Popular Apps

The easiest way to see how you would look when you go completely bald is with the help of a mobile app. The following are our top recommendations.


This app works for both Android and iOS mobile devices. It is a fun and easy way to know how you would look bald instantly.

What makes this app great?

  • It works with images in your photo library
  • Ensure you take a precise photo with your camera
  • Its face detection allows for easy and quick auto-cropping
  • You can adjust the ears, eyes, and eyebrows
  • The transformation process is fairly quick
  • You can easily see the before and after transformation images by shaking the device
  • Offer to save the results in the photo library

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Take a selfie, and this amazing app will transform you into a bald head. Baldify application will show you how you look in different stages of balding.

It is a great choice for people who are not suffering from male or female pattern baldness but want to know how they will look bald.

What makes this app great?

  • It is super easy and quick to download
  • Come with a unique facial cropping feature
  • The camera takes a more detailed image
  • The app is fully animated
  • The animated face will yawn, blink, cough, and even smile
  • Maintain your original pose when you took the photo
  • Be able to choose different bald styles like alfalfa and friar
  • Be able to add hair or mix the look

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Make Me Bald Prank

This great app allows you to create bald images of yourself in just a few seconds. The app features are basic, but they will help you know how you will look bald. It is a good bald app for Android users.

What makes this app great?

  • Allow you to use your photos or camera for the balding process
  • It takes a clear image for the transformation
  • Come with a unique cropping feature
  • Offer to reposition your face
  • Allow you to use your finger to shave the hair
  • Be able to shave the entire head or the middle of the head
  • Allow you to add a mustache

Download on Google Play

Bald Face

Another great app for Android users. It is an interesting app with unique balding features that will give you a bald look you have been looking for.

You can even prank your relatives and friends with a unique bald look of themselves.

What makes this app great?

  • Work with photos in the gallery
  • It takes cool photos with the camera
  • Face detection allows for easy auto-cropping
  • It is easy to reposition the eyes, ears, and eyebrows
  • The transformation takes a few seconds
  • Shake the phone to see before and after baldness views

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Best Bald Styling Techniques

There are several styling techniques you can embrace when you want to go bald, including:

Bald with Glasses

Bald with Glasses
Bald with Glasses

There are no distractions when you have a bald head with eyeglasses. When you have glasses with a bald head, people have to focus on you.

You want people to look at you, to look you in the eyes, and to be able to connect with you. This style can look great when you wear a bowtie. It is one of the best looks for men who want to go bald.

Bald with a Full-Style Beard

Bald with a Full-Style Beard
Bald with a Full-Style Beard

All you need to hold up this look is a well-shaved bald head and a beautifully grown beard.

It is usually easier for people with the following types of beard to easily pull off this style: full beard, garibaldi, veron, ducktail, chin curtain, Bandholz, Klingon, and extended goatee.

Men with a full, bushy beard can easily switch from one look to another, depending on their preferences. You can go super short, or you can go long.

You can tuck it underneath your beard. The ultimate reason for having a bald head with a beard is to balance out what you’ve got going on the head.

When you have a good beard, you will not have to shave your head on the sides completely.

Bald with a Stubble

Bald with a Stubble
Bald with a Stubble

A stubble is good, particularly for men with a bald head and some hair on the side of the head. A stubble is made up of very short facial hair.

It is popularly referred to as a five o’clock shadow. What makes the stubble amazing for bald people is its simplicity in maintaining the style.

A stubble beard is a great counter to baldness instead of the hair on your head.

Bald with A Clean Shave

Bald with A Clean Shave
Bald with A Clean Shave

A clean shave bald head doesn’t provide balance for the baldness, but this beard style brings out the confidence of a bald man.

It tells the public of your braveness. But here is the thing, this bald head style requires you to have a well-shaped beard outline.

How Does Someone Feel When Bald

How bald people feel

You shouldn’t expect to feel how liberating the entire transformation would be, especially if you have spent most of your life looking to other people to confirm your bald look.

By no means, should you think that shaving your head completely is necessary for you to hide your pattern baldness?

You may have no idea how much you use to hide behind your hair before you completely go bald. Some people, especially ladies who shave their hair, may feel empowered with a sense of freedom.

What is the reception like

Different people are accepted differently by society. Celebrities know this more than anyone.

Celebrities like Howie Mandel, Dwayne Johnson, Samuel Jackson, and Patrick Stewart have all had hair before going bald.

The world had different opinions concerning their transformation. These men were and are still appreciated for their transformation. Most ladies find them cute, brave, attractive, and incredibly sexy.

Most regular people, however, may come across mixed reactions with some people expressing disappointments.

This is probably what most ladies who go bald encounter, especially from friends and relatives. This is so because women gain better recognition with long, styled hair.

Regular bald men, however, are easily accepted by society with a few comments on the head shape and the beard style.

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Misconceptions About Baldness

Many misconceptions are associated with baldness, but here are the most common ones you will come across when you go bald.

Only Old People Can Suffer from Hair Loss

The hair usually starts thinning when people grow older, but that doesn’t mean that old age is the cause of male or female pattern baldness. This condition can start manifesting when you are a teenager.

Most men with the gene in their families may start experiencing male pattern baldness as early as twenty years old. But here is the thing, the condition doesn’t get easier to treat as one grows old.

Only People with Pattern Baldness Can Look Good with the Style

For centuries baldness has been associated with people who are born with male or female pattern baldness. So, anyone with the condition was appreciated when he or she shaved the entire head.

But that is not entirely true because more and more people with healthy, normal hair are shaving their heads to look bald.

It is a style that most people have grown fond of. Men of status and wealth have embraced the bald look.

Stress Causes Hair Loss

Some studies have shown that emotional and physical stress, including certain medical conditions and sudden weight gain, can lead to hair loss.

Stress, however, doesn’t certainly lead to hair loss. What it does is speed up the process for people who are already predisposed to male or female pattern baldness.

Stress achieves this by reducing the levels of vitamin (B12) responsible for the supply of blood oxygen. The usual stress people undergo on a daily basis is highly unlikely to cause hair loss in people with normal hair.

Hair Loss is Only Passed Down from the Mother’s Side

Genetics is known to play a big part in hair loss problems, especially in men. But the chances of getting the gene from either side of the family are huge.

According to research, the X chromosome from the mother is usually the culprit. But recent studies have revealed that the condition can be obtained from both the X as well as Y chromosomes.

More studies suggest that there are other factors to blame apart from the C chromosome. In fact, men with baldness are likely to father sons with the male pattern baldness.

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